Legal Capacity

The customer declares to possess the ability to conclude this contract whose General Conditions are presented below, that is, that natural persons must be of legal age and not be under guardianship.

The fact of making an order implies acceptance of these General Conditions. In absence of express acceptance, any contrary conditions raised by the customer will not take effect.


The customer will have a maximum of 24 hours to unpack, review and communicate to ALECOOK WORLD, S.L. any incident, discrepancy, breakage or bad condition of the order.

After 24 hours of receipt and signature of the packing note, ALECOOK WORLD, S.L. CANNOT be held responsible for the accident or break because all the goods shipped are insured with the maximum time of communication to the company 24 hours.

In no event shall ALECOOK WORLD S.L. be liable for direct or indirect damages of any nature arising from the use or inability to use the product sold.