ALECOOK WORLD, S.L guarantees the returns of the products purchased on our website provided that they are subject to the following conditions:

  • For assembled and batches of wood-fired ovens sent by  International palletized Agency

All deliveries must be reviewed upon arrival of the product at customer’s home, having to visually inspect possible shocks, chafings, defects, …

They must indicate the same at the packing note that the transport agency deliveries to the signature.

If apparently the goods are OK, the customer in turn will have a maximum of 24 hours to unpack and more accurately check the goods.

If there are defects that prevent the correct use of the purchased product, do not coincide with the measure or finish contracted by the customer, you must inform our company ALECOOK WORLD, S.L. by e-mail attaching photographs of the defects, etc…

At the same time, our company will proceed to send a new product to your home with the withdrawal of the previous one that will remain in deposit at the customer’s home safeguarding the integrity of the same until the change which will be made by the same transport agency. As far as possible, you will repackage or pack the order under the similar conditions that came to you earlier. Any of the conditions detailed above that are not met and the expected deadlines will void the insured warranty of the product.

  • Pottery, accessories, etc… sent by the agency

If there’s no conformity with what is sent because it does not coincide with the contracted product, is defective or loss, the customer must inform our company ALECOOK WORLD, S.L. by means of an e-mail attaching photographs of the defects, etc… At the same moment, our company ALECOOK WORLD, S.L. will make a forwarding of the product, withdrawal of the goods delivered at no cost to the customer or refund of the amount disbursed for the purchase.

If the customer, due to unknownness, error to the extent or any cause outside the transport or our company, does not comply with the goods shipped/delivered must pay the collection costs and upon arrival of the goods at our facilities we will make the full return of the purchase made.