Alecook 96

Our biggest model, suitable for 12 diners

124cm x 134cm platform

Available in three finishes: Classic, Rustic and Modern.

It quickly reaches a temperature of 350-450ºC (one hour and a half approx.) Once the flame is extinguished and thanks to its thermal inertia, we have enough time to cook pizza, bread, roasts, pastries… When the temperature has dropped enough, slow cooker recipes can be made to the chup chup. Perfect for regular use in small groups.

Up to 12 diners

Firewood: 6 – 8 kg

Cooking surface: 0,50 m2

Enjoy traditional cuisine with your family and friends!!

Outer diam. 96 cm
Inner diam. 80 cm
Height 58 cm
Weight 925 kg
Cooking surface 0,50 m2
Diners 12

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