1: Ingredients

  • 1 chicken (2kg aprox.)

  • Sunflower oil or lard

  • 2 tbsp of salt and pepper

  • A pinch of thyme

  • ½ cup of orange juice

  • Grated orange peel

  • ½ cup of chicken consommé

  • ½ cup of honey

  • 4 tbsp of lemon juice

2: Method

Pre-heat oven to 250ºC

Clean and peel the chicken. Brush with oil or lard outside.

Season inside and outside with salt, pepper and thyme

Place the chicken on a chicken roaster.

Cook until golden

In a big bowl, mix the rest of the ingredients. Pour the mixture over the grilled chicken.

Cook one more hour.

Drizzle constantly.

At the end of the baking process, boil the sauces and juices that chicken released. Wait until it thickens.

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