Alecook 86

First model of the Alecook range. Perfect for smaller spaces

114cm x 124cm platform

Available in several exterior finishes both on the dome (rustic brick, natural stone and traditional-style sprayed cork available in several colours) and at the opening with different colour schemes for the bricks.

It quickly reaches a temperature of 350 – 450 ºC / 660 – 840 ºF, we can cook pizzas or barbecue with fire inside and door open, leaving the temperature between 400 – 350 ֯ C, the pizzas will only need 90 seconds to be crispy and tasty. Once the flame is extinguished, we remove the embers and, thanks to their thermal inertia, we have enough time to make bread, roasts, pastries… when the temperature has dropped to 100 ֯ C, the residual heat can be used cook slow cooker stew recipes. Perfect for regular use with 8 diner guests.

Alecook modelo Berlin

8 diners

firewood: 5 – 6 kg

Cooking surface: 0,38 m2

Enjoy traditional cuisine with your family and friends.!!

Inner diam. 70 cm
Height 58 cm
Weight 925 kg
Cooking surface 0,38 m2
Diners 8

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