Maintenance tips

  • If the oven is outdoors, it should be covered especially in winter season, because although they are prepared to withstand any weather conditions, the coatings can deteriorate over time (especially in very humid climates). In this way, we protect it from frosts that can cause some aesthetic damage, although at no time will they affect the good use and performance of your wood-fired oven.
  • The ovens finished with curved brick or natural stone, have a final layer (colorless matte waterproofing that repels moisture). This layer must be renewed at least once or twice during the first year to give it greater durability.
  • When the oven is located outside, the temperature pyrometer should be removed during the non-use of the oven to extend its life, especially in humid climates where it usually rains, snows, freezes, etc… However, if the oven is indoors or under cover, it is not necessary to remove it.
  • For this reason, we must keep in mind that the oven, both inside and outside, must be completely dry before the RUNNIG-IN or START-UP. To do this, from its installation, we must keep the door and the upper draught completely open to facilitate the evaporation of moisture and total drying.
  • Throughout the life of the wood-fired oven, it is recommended to keep it clean of ash to prevent odors affecting new uses. If accidental liquid spills occur, you should not clean with any type of product. The ash itself spread over the affected area will serve as an absorbent and subsequent ignitions, with its pyrolytic effect, will make all organic traces disappear and will have a total disinfection effect.
  • Finally, indicate that the ovens are heated with very small firewood to facilitate the absorption of heat. In addition, the combustion must be slow for the oven to absorb this temperature gradually. The use of higher caliber firewood than the recommended, results in a low fire with little calorific power that only loads the oven partially and also blackens the vault. You do not have to worry about: the next ignition, with the right firewood, will make that blackening disappear.

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