According to the Civil Code, the customer benefits from the legal guarantee against hidden defects/faults. In this way, in case of defect of manufacture of the product that makes it unsuitable for use, the customer can go to the after-sales service of sending: An e-mail to A certified letter with acknowledgement of receipt addressed to: ALECOOK WORLD, S.L. C/Carretera, S/N 49192 Valcabado del Pan (Zamora) Spain The customer will then have the possibility to choose between returning the product and get a full refund or keeping the product and having a share of initial price refunded. The customer acknowledges that ALECOOK WORLD, S.L. has correctly satisfied their obligation to provide information.


Payment for online purchases is made by bank card through encrypted and secure payment. When making the purchase, our website automatically communicates with the safe TPV of and then the customer enter their card details: number, expiration and CVV code. Your card issuer can establish other security measures, such as sending a unique use key to your phone, asking for a secret code, etc… At the end of the payment, our website receives exclusively a notification of whether the payment was completed or not. No banking information relating to the customer is received or stored by ALECOOK WORLD, S.L. To optimize the security of online transactions, an online payment system SSL (Secure Socket Layer) allows you to encode customer’s bank card information. In addition, our entire page is protected with a 4096 bits SSL certificate (the highest on the market) so your purchases are encrypted and indecipherable to any person or machine that intercepts the communication. On some computers you will see the message “it is safe” next to the address of our page while on the others only a padlock appears indicating showing that it is safe to buy on our page.

NOTE: if the customer uses a browser not compatible with the SSL System, the transaction cannot be performed.

ALECOOK WORLD, S.L. guarantees the original owner of the products purchased through our online store, telephone orders, acquisitions at fairs and events where our company participates world wide.


Wood-fired ovens in any of their finishes that have been transported or sent by agency or even those that the customer has collected in our facilities and subsequently by their means has placed on their property by any type of machinery.

Clay ovens, batches, kits and any type of material purchased related to wood-fired oven accessories.

Metallic, wood, refractory clay materials in any of its modalities, provided that the recommended use is made as well as following the assembly and use recommendations provided by ALECOOK WORLD, S.L.

These guarantees are applied only to ovens and accessories purchased to ALECOOK WORLD, S.L. and assembled following the recommendations provided.


Unless otherwise determined, the only repair under the above guarantee or any implied guarantee, is limited to the replacement of defective parts with other of equal or greater value at ALECOOK WORLD, S.L.’s sole discretion.

This guarantee extends from the data of purchase. It’s only applied to the original owner and is not transferable. In no event shall ALECOOK WORLD, S.L. be liable for direct, unforeseen or resulting damages including, without any limitation, damages for personal injury, property damage or economic loss whether on the basis of the contract, guarantee, negligence, product liability or any other theory.

In cases where the replacement or repair involves the replacement of components of the wood-fired oven vital for its operation, ALECOOK WORLD S.L. will replace the delivered and deficit product with the same means with which it was delivered, under the same conditions and finishes, being on the customer’s account any means of execution of the replacement, if applicable, as well as all ornamental finishes, connections, exits, accesses, etc… that the customer has made after assembly or delivery of the wood-fired oven.


The above guarantee or any implied guarantee does not cover:

Wear and tear due to inappropriate uses in parts such as refractory products of any measure and size, oven accessories, finishing or aesthetic defects that have not been detected on the same day of delivery of the product. Being extended to 5 days for products shipped by Transport Agency (Not palletized) to put the breakage claim, etc…

Ovens whose maintenance or repair is carried out by persons who are not qualified personnel of ALECOOK WORLD, S.L.

Modifications with respect to the original state.

The use of products for abnormal, incineration and/or commercial activities or for purposes other than those for which the product has been designed.

Damage caused by not following the instructions in the owner’s manual.

Damage to paint the finishing and damage caused as a result of exposure or use of the product in extreme conditions or climates.

Shipping or travel costs for the replacement or exchange of any type of product.

Except as provided by this guarantee and bound to all additional guarantees, ALECOOK WROLD, S.L., its employees and agents shall not be held liable for any loss or damage of any kind (included unforeseen and resulting loss or damage caused by negligence or omission) arising out of or relating to any Order or acquisition of ALECOOK WORLD, S.L..

ALECOOK WORLD, S.L. makes no other guarantees, either express or implied. All implied guarantees, including guarantees of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration to the express guarantees set out above.

Any claim under this guarantee must be made by e-mail or certified letter to our social address. The purchase invoice, ticket or other proof of the date of purchase is required before a guarantee claim can be processed.

Claims made out of the purchase’s country may be bound to additional fees and restrictions.

Guarantee duration and details may differ depending on the type of wood-burning oven. This guarantee grants specific legal rights. However, you may also have other rights that may vary depending on the location. This guarantee does not affect the rights set forth by law.