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Stable temperature

Unlike ovens built with materials such as iron, brick, cement or refractory clay, ALECOOK wood-fired ovens maintain a constant temperature for much longer, allowing cooking with a single load: bread, pizzas, roasts, pastries, long-term stews cooking, etc..

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Construction DIY kits  or Ready-to-use assembled ovens

Two options, choose the one that best suits your expectations. You can buy the oven already assembled and place it wherever you want or  a kit and assemble it yourself.

Anyone can do it. Feel the satisfaction of making your own oven. When your family and friends see it, they will be astonished. You have done it!!. We make it easy for you with video tutorials. In addition, our experts will also teach you and help to answer your questions.

You set the limits!!

now that you have it, we invite you to participate in the Alecook community. You will be part of an extensive national and international group of lover of wood-fired ovens cooking and you will be able to exchange recipes, tricks, etc.

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Discover the authentic culture of the wood-fired oven from ALECOOK’s hand

Alecook is committed to the training of our customers and suppliers.

We put at your disposal useful content related to the Wood-fired ovens: cooking recipes, news from the world of gastronomy as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of it. How to turn it on, what wood to use, temperature control, cleaning and maintenance recommendations…

Our recipes

For those of you who go for DIY option with our assembly kits, we put at your disposal video tutorials so that this task becomes easy. It will fill you with satisfaction and what you can show off in front of everyone.

We show you how to make your oven a lifestyle by enjoying unique culinary moments with family and friends. Have a look to our site and discover a world of gastronomic experiences.

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